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        The RDCBS membership is comprised of over 100 families or individuals from around the triangle area, including pet bird owners, bird breeders, pet store owners and employees, and veterinarians and their assistants and students. A large number of species are represented among members’ bird families, with psittacine birds ranging from budgerigars to Hyacinth macaws and non-psittacines from finches to peafowl. The primary purposes of the RDCBS are to educate club members and members of the general public about the care and breeding of caged birds and about larger avicultural concerns such as captive propagation of rare and endangered species and conservation of avian species in their native habitats.

The club meets on the third Sunday of each month at 2:30 P.M. at the Jaycee Park Community Building off Wade Ave in Raleigh, NC. Meetings include lectures or demonstrations on a variety of avicultural topics and also feature a “bird species of the month”. Our meetings also provide a chance to cultivate friendships with other aviculturists and pet bird owners.

A bimonthly newsletter, The Carolina Parakeet, is published for members and provides useful information on a variety of avicultural topics and current concerns. The RDCBS’ educational outreach program includes its annual Pet Bird Fair held on the Saturday of the  Memorial Day weekend each year. In addition, the RDCBS provides bird exhibits at the North Carolina State Fair and at special events of institutions such as the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science. Various members also provide educational demonstrations about cage birds for 4-H groups, school classroom projects or field trips, nursing homes, etc. The RDCBS is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in accordance with IRS tax code section 501(c)(3). Thus, your donations to the RDCBS are tax-deductible. Information about RDCBS and avicultural topics of interest are also accessible online at RDCBS’ Web site: http://www.rdcbs.org. This site includes the latest information about upcoming RDCBS events, selected articles from The Carolina Parakeet, and links to the Web sites of the aforementioned national societies with which we are affiliated.


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