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Board of Directors
President: John Marquis 919-266-0906 john@jamcosys.com
Past President: Tim Quinlan   tim@cockatoocreations.com
Vice-President: Keith Rogers 919-274-5447 imaginekr@gmail.com
Secretary: Joyce Doughty   jadoughty7@gmail.com
Treasurer: Sandy Rogers 919-274-5558 strogers42@gmail.com
Board (2021-2024) Chair Judy Calhoun 919-274-4551 judyhc919@gmail.com
Board (2022-2025) Beth Anne Quinlan 919-263-9455 birdclub@cockatoocreations.com
Board (2023-2026) Coadi Disney lost.coati@gmail.com
Board (2024-2027) Gini Hyman ginich@aol.com
Meeting Refreshments: Cindy Chappell 919-779-1206 c7791206@mindspring.com
Newsletter Editor: Laura Marquis 919-266-0906 laura@jamcosys.com
Webmaster: John Marquis 919-266-0906 john@jamcosys.com
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Legislative Issues: Cindy Chappell 919-779-1206 c7791206@mindspring.com
Educational Outreach
May Bird Fair Chairman John Marquis 919-266-0906 john@jamcosys.com
NC State Fair Coordinator: John Marquis 919-266-0906 john@jamcosys.com
School Programs: Joan April Blazich 919-851-8079 aprilb@bellsouth.net
Affiliate Representatives
American Federation of Aviculture (AFA): Cindy Chappell 919-779-1206 c7791206@mindspring.com
  Joan April Blazich 919-851-8079 aprilb@bellsouth.net
  Laura Barwick 919-876-8192 Ibirdog@hotmail.com
Mailing Address:
Raleigh-Durham Caged Bird Society
PO Box 32291
Raleigh, NC 27622

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