February 2, 2023
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Welcome to the Raleigh-Durham Caged Bird Society (RDCBS)
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Monthly Meeting Notice

January Meeting - "Birds Got Talent"

Sunday January 15th

2:30 to 5:00 PM

Location: Jaycee Park

Please join us for our "Birds Got Talent" avian talent show.

If your bird has a special talent or does a cute trick and you'd like to show him/her off to fellow club members, we invite you to join the competition. There will be prizes for the cutest tricks, etc. Sometimes the birds don't want to cooperate and that makes it all the more entertaining as some of the owners are funnier than their feathered friends! No trick is too small. Everyone is encouraged to participate. We will have you sign-up at the beginning of the meeting and then we'll enjoy the show. We will have a panel of judges scoring each of the presentations. So, start working on those tricks this week and get ready for the competition!

Please bring a snack to share, drinks will be provided.



The RDCBS membership is comprised of over 100 families and individuals from around the triangle area, including pet bird owners, bird breeders, pet store owners and employees, and veterinarians and their assistants and students. The primary purposes of the RDCBS are to educate club members and members of the general public about the care and breeding of caged birds and about larger avicultural concerns.
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