Member Access

What is member access and why is it important?
The RDCBS web site has secure content that is available to paid members only. In order to give members access to this secure content you must be a paid member and be signed in to the site.
Step 1 – You need to be registered on the site. If you are not yet registered please click here. Once you are registered you will receive a welcome email. If you do not receive this email please check your spam filters and if necessary add the email address “ “ to your contacts so that you can receive emails from the site. Please note that although the registration process doesn’t require an address and phone number, it is a good idea to provide it as part of your membership information.
Step 2 – Make sure you are logged in. Once you get member access, by joining the club, you will need to be signed in to see the member only content. While you are signed in, you will see your name in the upper right corner of the site. (see graphic below)

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